Out on a walk this cold breezy evening, trailing through the path that leads to the vastness of freedom. It feels so serene looking at how vast it is and flows in its waves gracefully. The ocean waves brings the feels of its saltiness to my face. My hair flies around in a combat with the wind, my dress too follows in formation.
I feel so light, light at heart too at that. Walking away from the broken promises sheltered in the four corners of my dorm is supposed to leave me heartbroken and heavy at heart, but so funny I feel so light.
The dorm was like a future waiting to be unveiled, promising sunshine and rainbows. I got into it floating into cloud 9 on these fantasies. The dorm promises forever,but here it is, forcing down the truth my throat. It has been all a facade acted out with friends in collision. They upheld the promises of the dorm, blinded my vision of the truth, I was so lost in all the revelries of time, our age a major indication of time being spent.

We are at the point in life where you want to feel freedom, feel loved and accepted. It is not easy escaping the evil clutch of cliché high school scenario’s alive. The dorm was my breath of freedom, it got me looking forward to experience blissful moments that will be cherished and meeting new people to create memorable memories that will be forever engraved in my heart. Seems everyone was looking forward to this moment, we became acquainted as would the body and soul.
But you do know that the shadows always follows you around. Turns out they were just here to play along to the melodic tunes of lies being shielded in the dorm.
It has all been a facade acted out perfectly with my so called freedom in collision. Seems I’ve always been their object of curiosity. No one actually cared enough to see past their inquisitiveness and turn to look my way. Yet I held on so much on those promises acted out for me and it’s quite late of me realize that nobody really care to understand and love. Where’s the forever promised me?

We’ve been through the thick,the thin, and yet no one sees through me. What happened to those shares memories of us? Turns out I’m just the the hook to the sinker of the fishing line, you were the fire and I was the ice. I guess the fire got stronger than the the cold, it’s no news, since the glaciers are even breaking up in the arctic.
With my heart throbbing in the pains of realizing that all I believed in was a lie, I had an Epiphany and I realized the need to be saved as I break my bond of the promise that was nonexistent.
Yeah, I’m outta the shackles now! I want to be my own type of freedom. I let the ocean draw me , I guess I’ve always belonged here. So here I am on the path this evening walking towards the freedom I’ve always been.

Humans are social beings and it’s quite paramount to form relationships. Being naive in choosing who we want to form an alliance with is quite inevitable at times. Most times we’re surrounded with warmth and love from family, while some don’t get the same treatment. These two characters suffer the same fate of not being with family forever. In a quest to find a stable footing, comes the need to relate with diverse identities.

People are viewed based on judgements, mostly arising from morals instilled from birth and alliances are formed with these orientations. Along the way, cracks start appearing, with them showing their true colors which conflicts with our interests, despite investing sincere efforts.
Being the one always listening to all of their woes, bearing their grief, giving all to them, that often times you forget to do that much for yourself. So much would have been invested before the realization hits that they didn’t really care about you, or understand you, nor see if you are doing okay, they only wanted you at the moment to get rid of their loneliness. It has always been about their selfish self and they could get to you because you were too naive to see through their true self.
In addition to the values we’ve been taught, there’s a need to set new standard and values that will help define us, help our decision making process and learn to make our own path through life. Once there’s a definite value shaping our existence, it becomes a filter to see through the affiliations we connect with.
There’s a need to understand that not everybody can be like us, but there are some people who will share certain features with us, we need to learn to see people for who they really are and understand the fact that we can’t change a thing about them, unless they’re willing to change for themselves.
Through this, it’s unlikely to fall into the stereotype of the naive person attracting fake people.
Before the moment of vision, there are some signs that would have been manifesting. They’re prone to always talking about themselves, acting selfish, not giving as much as you give them in terms of time, respect, devotion and selflessness. Always quick to judge and swift in backing out when the scenery gets bad.
Lots of damage ensues from the truth being known, and it’s a heavy weight to bear. The saving grace is realizing how precious you’re and how it is their fault for losing you. They never deserved you from the start and you deserve better than them. Brace up through the heart break and you’ll find yourself a formidable force that can’t be crushed by their snarling fangs.

Therefore, be your lie detector and say “be gone, you fakers, i’m freedom itself”



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//Creative// //Storyteller//….Funny how everything that happens in life are told as stories. Anyways, I tell my stories and yours too.